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Safety Goggles

311005 Safe-T-Tec Pro Goggles

  • Certified medium impact, anti-scratch Lens
  • Certified liquid splash protection
  • Anti-fog, hardened 2mm lens ideal for use with dust masks in humid conditions
  • Anti scartch & Anti Fog lens,
  • Foam bound with wide strap for comfort
  • Excellent
    chemical spalsh protection
  • Replacement lenses available

Lens Range: Clear, Smoke

Sold Individually

311006 Safe-T-Tec Replacement Lens for

Specifications See 311005


Lens Range: Clear, Smoked

311010 Safe-T-Tec Ultimate Welders Goggle Shade 5

  • Certified medium impact, anti-scratch smoke lens
  • Certified liquid splash protection
  • Approval to: AS/NZS 1337,
  • Shade 5 Protection

Lens Range: Smoke

Sold Individually

311001 Safe-T-Tec Economy Goggle Indirect Vented

  • Excellent general purpose goggles
  • Lightweight providing increased comfort for extended wear
  • 99.9% UV protection for outdoor wear
  • Adjustable strap for custom fit
  • Indirect vent allows airflow and reduces fog build up

Lens Range: Clear

Sold Individually

311008 Safe-T-Tec Ultimate Goggle

  • The ultimate in fit, Comfort and Vision
  • Large Wrap around design with panoramic
  • Elastic comfort strap

Lens Range: Clear

Sold Individually