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Hearing Protection



All Ear Muffs and Disposable Ear Plugs are rated to Class 1 to 5

Class 1: 10 to 13db
Class 2: 14 to 17db
Class 3: 18 to 21db
Class 4: 22 to 25 db
Class 5: 26 to 36db

Class 1: Ringing Telephone, Loud Radio and Busy Traffic - Less than 90dB
Class 2: Band Saws, Power Lawn Mower and Belt Sander - 90 to 95dB
Class 3: Tractor, Electric Drill - 95 to 100dB
Class 4: Bulldozer - 100 to 105dB
Class 5: Blasting, Nail Gun, Chainsaw, Propeller Aircraft, Gun Shot, Rivetting Hammers and Jet Engine Aircraft - 110 to 140dB

PLEASE NOTE: This is a general guide only and is not an absolute basis for noise level selection as some equipment may operate at different noise levels. Every work site should be tested.